Award winning painter Lyn Beckett was born and grew up in Sheffield,Yorkshire. After studying Fine Art (painting and printmaking) in Hull she graduated in 1992.

Later she moved to the North West Highlands of Scotland where she lives and works, both painting and running her own Sòlas Gallery  with fellow artist Rob Howard.

This dramatic landscape provides an inspiring background for much of the work on show at the gallery which is included in the increasingly popular North Coast 500 tour around the stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands NC500

Lyn Beckett's paintings explore disparate elements in nature and still life composition but are not rooted in time or place. Contrasting elements in colour and image juxtapose to express unusual and vibrant harmonies, qualities which themselves become the subject of the work. Her work has been shown at major galleries and more recently larger pieces commisioned by private collectors.




2012 onwards.  An ongoing exhibition of work can be seen at Sòlas Gallery, Ross-shire from Spring to end October

 OPEN FROM 1 - 5 pm. TUESDAY - FRIDAY * (may be open beyond these hours or earlier by appointment. Please check gallery door or phone for details)

2011 Strathpeffer Art Show

2011 Coltbridge Gallery, Buckinghamshire

2006 Plockton Gallery, Plockton

2006 The white Gallery, Dundee

2006 Art in Place, Edinburgh

2005 The Green Gallery, Aberfoile

2005 Peter Potter Gallery, East Lothian

2005 Royal Glasgow Institute Annual Exhibition * winner of James Torrance Memorial Award

2005 Panik Gallery, Glasgow